Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect from Xero?

Should you wish to disconnect your CareMaster installation from Xero, just follow these steps:

  1. As an administrator, navigate to Settings => Xero
  2. Click the "Disconnect from Xero" button
  3. Confirm that you want to disconnect

CareMaster will then send a signal to Xero revoking access, and will delete your access tokens from its database. To connect to Xero again, just follow the Connecting to Xero instructions again. The data you already have in CareMaster will not be deleted. If you wish to completely wipe all Xero data from CareMaster, contact support.

What doesn't the CareMaster => Xero integration do?

While our integration does a lot, there are still some things it's not yet prepared for.

  • Webhooks: When new Contacts are added to Xero, or an invoice is marked as paid, that information is not automatically relayed to your CareMaster installation: you have to refresh the data manually. Thankfully, that's pretty simple to do!

When is data synced?

For most things, the Xero data that CareMaster stores is not refreshed until you specifically tell it to. So if you change Payroll Settings or add new Contacts in Xero, your CareMaster installation won't know about it until you tell it to refresh. Payroll Calendars however are re-synced each time you send a timesheet entry to Xero

What settings impact data synchronisation?

When activated, the setting Only sync invoices created by Care Master will ensure that only the invoices sent to Xero by CareMaster will be synced - all other invoices will be ignored.

When activated, the setting Automatically sync Transaction paid status via Invoice Number? will ensure that when you sync Invoice data from Xero to CareMaster, any Support Transactions with a matching Invoice Number will have their Paid status updated